No more stigma for sufferers of Astigmatism

Not a lot of people are familiar with the term Astigmatism but it is something that I have been coping with for all of my life. Whereas a lot of people have long or short sighted problems with their eyes that develop over time, I have had Astigmatism from a very young age and it affects my ability to see clearly and both my long and short sighted vision. Continue reading “No more stigma for sufferers of Astigmatism” »

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Chrissie Hampers for the Host

I have an extremely large extended family and so buying presents for everyone can often put a dent in your wallet. For the little kids I often just go to the local toy shop and get them the best toys that are the craze of the moment with a little help from the sales assistants. As for the teenagers and adults, from year to year I get them something that they will like, such as a great book, magazine, CD or DVD. But when it comes to the host, the host that has slaved away for days to make the meal that will be your Christmas Lunch – what to get them? Continue reading “Chrissie Hampers for the Host” »

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Home Technology At Your Fingertips

I love how wired my existence has become, how sophisticated our home is and am always looking for great new ways to get the most from it. My latest little toy is called Push Controls and it’s the last word in universal remotes for iphones and ipads. We set it up without a manual, just sort of doing what we thought we should and everything works perfectly.

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Stretch Limo Hire Melbourne saved the day

So many things went wrong on my wedding day from the wrong flowers being delivered to our DJ getting sick but one reliable and absolutely perfect thing was our wedding car hire in Melbourne.

When it felt like everything was going wrong it was such a joy to have our limousines show up on time and take myself and the groom to our ceremony. The wedding cars that we hired were in pristine condition and were super comfortable and luxurious inside.

The décor and the music at the venue may not have been perfect but it made the excellent service from Stretch Limo Hire Melbourne stand out even more and my gorgeous ride was one of the things (along with my now husband) that made me smile biggest on my wedding day

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Healthy Vegetarian Recipes With A Twist

…the twist is konjac which I’ve just discovered and am all about. I eat a lot of carbs to keep me feeling full longer but it’s not the best way to deal with the lack of meat in my diet. I’m not a full on vegetarian but mostly I like to eat healthy vegetarian recipes because I don’t think eating a lot of meat is good for me or the animals I’m eating.

Konjac is a plant that’s pretty common in Japan and other parts of Asia and it makes great noodles and pasta with the same lasting full feeling and taste but without the heavy feeling you get from regular carbs. It’s also gluten free so it’s good for just about everyone. You can pick it up from Slender Slim where they also have healthy vegetarian recipes:

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The best place to buy coffee online

Being able to buy coffee online has become so easy and convenient. I love the Ciscos Coffee beans but I live a fair way away from their Windsor store and café and haven’t always been able to pop in.  Now when I am running low on supplies I don’t have to wait until I am in the area to stock up, I just order the coffee online.

There exclusive range of coffee beans, tea, and chocolate covered coffee beans are all available to buy online and I also love that I can choose from their different sized packages to accommodate my different times of need. If you also want enjoy a cup of coffee at home from their absolutely delicious beans then you can get it here,

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Low Calorie Meals to Your Door

I’ve recently been getting into meal deliveries, which I never really found appetizing. Conceptually, I always found delivered food a little strange and in practice never much liked what I’d seen. Dineamic is different, it’s totally changing my idea of delivered food.

Dineamic are only in Melbourne and they create meals with specific dietary considerations in mind. Everything is freshly prepared and delivered so the quality is leaps and bounds ahead of the frozen variety. I don’t think you can ever really bring food back to life once it’s been frozen but with Dineamic I don’t have to worry. The food is fresh and delicious and the variety and convenience are real winners for me. It’s so much easier than cooking!

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