Don’t Fall For A Valentine’s Day

I used to put as much expectation into this 1 day, where I expected to walk into a room filled with flowers, chocolates, and heart-shaped balloons. I’ve come to see, however, the affection for your partner ought to be shown yearlong, in the tiny daily moments that comprise our lives.

Rather than thinking of Valentine’s Day as a once-per-year chance, use it as a catapult to grow in your relationship daily of this year. Below are a few ideas to steer you in the ideal direction.


It doesn’t need to be anything extensive. Maybe it is a glass of wine in the day, a cup of java, or cooking dinner together. Whatever it is, make sure it’s an activity with a start and an end to signify that is the time to connect.


Have a minute on Valentine’s Day to every say 1 thing that you really love about your other half, and one thing that you want to work on over the next 12 months. Relationships are hard work, but they’re much easier when you are on the same page, and communication is the best way to get there.



This is an enjoyable one. Think about a place in your life you want to improve. Maybe you want to work out daily, or would like to quit drinking alcohol. My boyfriend and I just made a bet that we would not drink for a month. If one of us breaks the wager, that individual must put $10 in a jar.


Decide on a date night once or twice per month. After we settle into our relationships, it’s easy to hang out in sweatpants on the sofa each night, but it is important to keep on wanting to impress your spouse. This means making an effort to look nice and plan a special action.

Yes, relationships are hard work, but nobody said the work needs to be boring. Need advice on relationships – As Professional Match Makers, we are always here to help.

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