Chrissie Hampers for the Host

I have an extremely large extended family and so buying presents for everyone can often put a dent in your wallet. For the little kids I often just go to the local toy shop and get them the best toys that are the craze of the moment with a little help from the sales assistants. As for the teenagers and adults, from year to year I get them something that they will like, such as a great book, magazine, CD or DVD. But when it comes to the host, the host that has slaved away for days to make the meal that will be your Christmas Lunch – what to get them? Continue reading “Chrissie Hampers for the Host” »

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Stretch Limo Hire Melbourne saved the day

So many things went wrong on my wedding day from the wrong flowers being delivered to our DJ getting sick but one reliable and absolutely perfect thing was our wedding car hire in Melbourne.

When it felt like everything was going wrong it was such a joy to have our limousines show up on time and take myself and the groom to our ceremony. The wedding cars that we hired were in pristine condition and were super comfortable and luxurious inside.

The décor and the music at the venue may not have been perfect but it made the excellent service from Stretch Limo Hire Melbourne stand out even more and my gorgeous ride was one of the things (along with my now husband) that made me smile biggest on my wedding day

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