Scooters are toys which give young kids a sense of power and independence and develop skills of gross motor. There are different varieties of kids scooters at different prices, for various types of riding with various features. This makes finding the one that suits your needs and preferences an overwhelming task.

  • Kid’s scooters come in two main varieties: electric scooters and kick scooters. A child powers a kick scooter by striking one foot along the ground while the other foot is kept resting on the deck. Scooter rider who are proficient will more often coast with both feet resting on the deck. Electric scooters are ridden with both feet placed on the deck all times and are battery powered.

Various kid’s scooters also come in various prices, colours and other variations. Some have two wheels while others have three wheels.

  • A kick scooter also known as a push scooter is a land vehicle powered by human with a deck, handlebar and wheels which is propelled by the kid riding pushing off the ground. The most known scooters nowadays have two hard and small wheels which are made up primarily of aluminium and fold for the purposes of convenience. Certain kick scooters which are made for younger kids have 3 to 4 wheels. This is to enhance stability and avoid unnecessary accident.
  • It is appropriate to buy a scooter that is the right size and other specification for your child. Approximately the handlebar is supposed to be around waist level and the deck should bear just enough space for the feet. The specifications of the manufacturer will always take into account a recommended weight limit and age, which act as proper guidelines whether a scooter will be fit for the child or not. Kids’ scooters always come with lots of fancy designs and colors. Their decoration may bear your kid’s favourite cartoon characters.

Electric kids scooters are super easy to charge and safe for ages 6 and up. This is the best toy for letting young children move out and explore the wonderful outdoors. It makes more fun and exciting for children to ride through the parks in style. It makes your child life more healthy and full of fun.

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No more stigma for sufferers of Astigmatism

Not a lot of people are familiar with the term Astigmatism but it is something that I have been coping with for all of my life. Whereas a lot of people have long or short sighted problems with their eyes that develop over time, I have had Astigmatism from a very young age and it affects my ability to see clearly and both my long and short sighted vision. Continue reading “No more stigma for sufferers of Astigmatism” »

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Healthy Vegetarian Recipes With A Twist

…the twist is konjac which I’ve just discovered and am all about. I eat a lot of carbs to keep me feeling full longer but it’s not the best way to deal with the lack of meat in my diet. I’m not a full on vegetarian but mostly I like to eat healthy vegetarian recipes because I don’t think eating a lot of meat is good for me or the animals I’m eating.

Konjac is a plant that’s pretty common in Japan and other parts of Asia and it makes great noodles and pasta with the same lasting full feeling and taste but without the heavy feeling you get from regular carbs. It’s also gluten free so it’s good for just about everyone. You can pick it up from Slender Slim where they also have healthy vegetarian recipes:

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Low Calorie Meals to Your Door

I’ve recently been getting into meal deliveries, which I never really found appetizing. Conceptually, I always found delivered food a little strange and in practice never much liked what I’d seen. Dineamic is different, it’s totally changing my idea of delivered food.

Dineamic are only in Melbourne and they create meals with specific dietary considerations in mind. Everything is freshly prepared and delivered so the quality is leaps and bounds ahead of the frozen variety. I don’t think you can ever really bring food back to life once it’s been frozen but with Dineamic I don’t have to worry. The food is fresh and delicious and the variety and convenience are real winners for me. It’s so much easier than cooking!

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The Healthier Way to Weight Loss in Melbourne

I’m one of those people whom marketing really works on. I’m sucked in by infomercials and one day sales and have been the recipient of all too many once in a lifetime opportunities. I think everyone can relate to some extent because we all have particular insecurities that leave us vulnerable to the great marketing machine. For me this is weight loss especially.

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Keep your natural healthy oils with natural shampoo

We all strive to have beautiful glossy, shiny, and healthy looking hair. So washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner is the best way to keep it in great condition right? Well, not necessarily. Some of the ingredients in regular shampoos can be very harsh on human hair and when overused have the ability to strip your hair of essential natural oils. Continue reading “Keep your natural healthy oils with natural shampoo” »

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