Smartly & Safely Self Store Your Goods

Recently I moved homes and in between houses, I moved into an apartment. This meant some of my belongings needed a short term home. I looked into self storage in Melbourne. And came across some self storage facilities that were either way too far out for me, or were way above the competitors’ prices.

Discount City Self Storage was recommended to me by one of the removalists. So I checked them out, and liked what I saw. The secure self storage facilities are in a convenient location and the prices are affordable. They have sizes to suit all, and whether you’re after a smaller locker, or a unit big enough to store an entire households goods, you will be able to find what you need.

The self storage units are well maintained and are well protected. There is also 24/7 access, so no matter when you need to access your unit, you will be able to retrieve it. The friendly team at the company are so helpful and willing to assist with whatever questions and worries you might have with moving and storing. They are well qualified and experienced so their advice certainly helps!

I found the whole process much less stressful and time consuming than I first thought. I was worried it was going to be a hassle packing, storing and moving boxes around, but I ensured my goods were safely packed, the unit they suggested was the correct size, and for the months I stored my goods there, I had no issues with damage or access.

Don’t try and stuff everything into your connecting home, or try store it in some cheap storage facility that isn’t correctly guarded or accessible when you may need it. Make your life easier!

I used End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne to get my bond back too, they were referred to me by my friend Vikram Jayaprakash. They know what they are doing, and they do it well. They are happy to help in any way they can too, which can make the whole stressful time of moving houses that little bit easier. The funds that came back from my bond, easily covered a couple of months of short term storage.

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For great kids’ trampolines Melbourne wide, have a look at Lifespan Kids

If there’s one thing every kid loves, it’s a trampoline. I had one when I was growing up and it some of the best fun I ever had – I’d spend hours jumping on that thing. Mum and dad couldn’t get me off it. Our twins have recently turned 3, and we thought we’d get them their first trampoline for their birthday. Happy to report they absolutely love it. We got ours from Lifespan Kids – they have the best range of kids’ trampolines Melbourne wide.

We only needed one of the smaller 8ft trampoline but they go all the way up to 16ft if your kids are a little bigger than ours. These trampolines are really made to last – the springs are zinc coated so the trampoline will be around for years to come.

The safety nets are reinforced so your kids won’t fall off, either. The twins’ friends have been coming over nearly every day to have a bounce, and it’s great to see them all having so much fun. We love spending time outdoors with the kids, and this trampoline has made that all the more enjoyable.

Go check out Lifespan Kids – I promise you your children will be forever grateful.


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Home Technology At Your Fingertips

I love how wired my existence has become, how sophisticated our home is and am always looking for great new ways to get the most from it. My latest little toy is called Push Controls and it’s the last word in universal remotes for iphones and ipads. We set it up without a manual, just sort of doing what we thought we should and everything works perfectly.

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Low Calorie Meals to Your Door

I’ve recently been getting into meal deliveries, which I never really found appetizing. Conceptually, I always found delivered food a little strange and in practice never much liked what I’d seen. Dineamic is different, it’s totally changing my idea of delivered food.

Dineamic are only in Melbourne and they create meals with specific dietary considerations in mind. Everything is freshly prepared and delivered so the quality is leaps and bounds ahead of the frozen variety. I don’t think you can ever really bring food back to life once it’s been frozen but with Dineamic I don’t have to worry. The food is fresh and delicious and the variety and convenience are real winners for me. It’s so much easier than cooking!

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Beds For Kids

Kids! It says it all really; loud, obnoxious, they do dumb things all the time and my they’re expensive. Still, you can’t help love them and want to do things for them. We’re sensible about how we indulge our kids, we like them to have the things they need and some of the things they want but we don’t have heaps of money to spend and we have no interest in spoiling them.

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The secret Rugs Sydney siders don’t want you to know about

People love exclusivity, they like to be in the know before everybody else and to make sure that if there is a hot item for your home that they had it first and before it were even on your radar. I’m going to let you in on a new stylish secret and its’ right under your nose…or should I say feet. Continue reading “The secret Rugs Sydney siders don’t want you to know about” »

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Soundproof a room with acoustic insulation

My partner is a student studying to be a sound engineer. We have a study set up with expensive equipment from speakers and keyboards to computers and sound software programs as well midi controllers. He spends hours and hours in there making and editing music and not only is it noisy for me but for our neighbours and he struggled with terrible acoustics in the room. Continue reading “Soundproof a room with acoustic insulation” »

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