Wedding Cars, Arrive in Style

There are plenty of different kinds of wedding cars including Hummers, Chryslers, Muscle Cars, Old School cars and more, and you only need to hang around the city a little on a weekend in the spring or summer to see them. From the over the top to the underwhelming you can pretty much find anything in a great city like Melbourne. It was all set to be a pretty difficult decision for us, finding the right wedding cars but thankfully, Triple Hummer Limos took all the complication out of it.

As soon as we saw the Triple Hummer Limos wedding cars we knew they had the sort of thing we wanted. We had a little chat to the driver at the time and he gave us their card. When we called them up they were really friendly and helpful and the service was great all the way through. I am a big fan of Triple Hummer Limos.

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Find Accountants in Warragul that Won’t Take you for a Ride

Accountants get you at your best and your worst and I’ve had my fair share of incompetent and unscrupulous that left me feeling pretty uncomfortable. I’m not the most financially savvy individual and I do really heavily rely on the advice I get from an accountant. Of course that leaves me in a position where I’m pretty easy to take advantage of. Continue reading “Find Accountants in Warragul that Won’t Take you for a Ride” »

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The Aged care facilities that really care

When faced with putting my mother in an aged care facility due to her failing health and need for constant supervision and assistance I was feeling sad and overwhelmed. Thanks to the wonderful people at Care3 my concerns for her were put to rest and I soon came to realise that they too had her very best interests at heart. Continue reading “The Aged care facilities that really care” »

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Home Technology At Your Fingertips

I love how wired my existence has become, how sophisticated our home is and am always looking for great new ways to get the most from it. My latest little toy is called Push Controls and it’s the last word in universal remotes for iphones and ipads. We set it up without a manual, just sort of doing what we thought we should and everything works perfectly.

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